Grappling with gold: Dom interviews Kyle Snyder while wrestling


You know Olympic Gold Medalist wrestler Kyle Snyder has been interviewed a lot but has he ever been interviewed while wrestling the interviewer?

“This is my first time,” Snyder said.

For Out of Bounds, I interviewed Snyder while grappling with the reigning world champion.

It was last summer in Rio that at age 20 Snyder became the youngest U.S. wrestler to ever to win the gold medal.

Besides the gold medal, Snyder also has a world championship to go with two NCAA titles.

Snyder will defend his championships in Paris at the end of August.

“I feel pretty good about my chances there,” Snyder said. “Just going to wrestle as hard as I can and see what happens.”

Snyder said his goal is to wrestle in five Olympics.

“There has never been an Olympic athlete to win five gold medals in the same event,” he said.

When asked about his plans after wrestling, Snyder said he hasn’t thought too much about it.

“I plan on wrestling for a long time and then eventually I will finish my career, maybe coach, maybe get into business, not 100 percent sure as of now,” he said.

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