Granville Exempted Village Schools forced to cut staff after failed levy


It's been a disappointing week for Granville Exempted Village Schools.

It's a week that has left superintendent Jeff Brown unsure about future revenue.

"Granville Schools will need to find a more sustainable way of addressing increases in revenue because right now we have an over-reliance on property tax," he said.

He says the way the system is set up with the state is wealthy districts receive less money. In Granville, the burden of increasing revenue falls on the tax payers through property tax.

A levy that was on Tuesday's ballot, Brown says, could have helped that burden.

A 1.25 percent earned income tax proposal with five percent rollback on property tax would have generated an additional $5.7 million every year for inflationary costs and aging infrastructure. But, 54 percent of voters turned it down.

"Based on the levy failure, we went through a reduction in force with the staff to address a $640,000 deficit spending for next year," he said.

An administrator, a communications coordinator, a support staff member, one bus driver and two librarians were eliminated as a result.

The district reallocated other positions, according to Brown.

The board might also look to generate $200,000 of revenue from families for pay-to-participate fees for extra-curricular activities, which is something the district pays for now.

"What that does is that eliminates our deficit spending for next year and allows us to go back to the voters in November with an alternative solution," Brown said.

Brown says what could be in front of voters in November is still undecided. But, he says the district looks to work with the community to find the best solution.

Brown says the district passed a successful levy in 2013 aimed at property taxes. It was a five-year levy.