Granville distracted driving ordinance passes, bans texting while driving


GRANVILLE, Ohio - On Wednesday the Granville Village Council approved ordinance 19-2018, also known as "Nathan's Law."

Nathan Richeson was killed while changing a flat tire at the hands of a distracted driver in 2014.

After losing their son Cathy and Doug Richeson of Granville worked to gain stricter distracted driving guidelines in their hometown.

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They met their goal last night as "Nathan's Law" was approved.

The ordinance amends a current law on the books by banning communication devices or cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.

In other words, Nathan’s Law bans texting while driving.

Nathan Richeson's parents, Cathy and Doug Richeson, say they support this change. They are also on the board for the Maria Tiberi Foundation - an organization founded by 10TV sports anchor Dom Tiberi and his wife Terri in honor of their daughter Maria.