Grandview Police investigating increase in tire thefts


The Grandview Police Department is searching for thieves who are targeting cars in parking lots. In reports, the suspect(s) are stealing tires and rims off of the vehicles.

Several thefts have been reported over the last 8 days in Grandview. Some victims say it's happening while they're at work.

"Basically they pulled off this whole entire tire," Joe Salvatore said.

Salvatore is still in disbelief over what happened to him last Thursday afternoon.

"In shock, I couldn't believe it. I've never seen anything like it before," said Salvatore.

He doesn't know how the suspect(s) pulled it off, but he says he got a call from the Grandview Police Department that surprised him that day.

"Saying that the tires were off the van," said Salvatore.

Salvatore says last week someone stole two tires off of his take home work van. He parked in it a public garage on Rail Street in Grandview. The call came from police in the middle of the afternoon.

"It had to take some time because I know it took me some time to get it back on, the tires back on. It was quite the process," Salvatore said.

Salvatore is just one of four other people whose tires have been stolen in the last week. Police reports show the location of each theft isn't far apart from one another, some happen in the middle of the day, and some happen where the victims work.

The suspect(s) are replacing the tires with cinder blocks.

Salvatore's boss, Dan Anderson, says it's going to cost a good chunk of change to replace the tires and the rims.

"Oh you know new tires $100, $200 each plus the rims," Anderson said.

But now, Salvatore says he's getting second thoughts on where to park, and that bothers him.

"It takes your comfort away. You're insecure. You're insecure now about leaving your vehicle over there," said Salvatore.

Investigators ask if you know anything about the recent thefts, or see any suspicious behavior to call the Grandview Police Department at 614-488-7901.