Gov. Kasich signs "Annie's Law" bill to help limit drunk driving deaths

House Bill 388, which is designed to protect people from repeat drunk drivers was signed into law Wednesday.

Governor John Kasich signed the bill, also known as "Annie's Law," to increase the use of ignition interlock systems to prevent drunk driving fatalities and crashes.

The law will take effect April 4 and will reduce a 12-month license suspension period by half for first offenders if they use the system. The systems are breathalyzers that prevent a car from starting if the driver is over the limit.

The law is named after Annie Rooney, who was hit and killed by a repeat drunk driving offender in Ross County in 2013.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving National President Colleen Sheehey-Church issued the following statement:

MADD is grateful to Governor Kasich and the dedicated legislators who share our mission to eliminate this 100 percent preventable crime. Many lives will be saved as Ohio increases the number ignition interlocks used by drunk driving offenders.

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