Goose rescued from snapping turtle by man on unicorn pool toy

Holly Coppola

A man driving by a pond in Iowa on Sunday noticed a problem when he saw a gosling appearing to struggle in the water.

Cary Coppola returned to the scene a few minutes later accompanied by some family members to investigate further.

Armed with an inflatable unicorn float, Coppola swam out to attend to the panic-stricken gosling only to find it being held in the mouth of a snapping turtle.

Coppola escorted both the gosling and the turtle to the shore before his brother Joe managed to successfully separate the pair.

Holly Coppola, Cary's sister-in-law, filmed the incident on her phone.

"The best part was that all the other geese refused to leave the struggling gosling. They looked on the entire time. And as soon as it was released, they were honking in happiness and relief," she said by email.

Common Snapping turtles can be found in shallow freshwater from southeastern Canada down to Mexico and are larger in size than ordinary turtles, consequently, they cannot fully retreat into their shell.