Good Samaritans rush to help couple minutes before car caught on fire on US 33

Good samaritans rush to help couple minutes before car caught on fire on US 33

On Sunday, around 11:30 a.m., William Dotson and Priscilla Misner were driving on 33 Westbound about a half mile West of Hocking Country Road 10 when their car started having issues.

Dotson said he pulled over to the side of the road and noticed flames coming from underneath the car. Dotson lost his left leg from diabetes and Misner lost both of her legs from bone infections. They said this made is extremely difficult and terrifying for them to act quick.

He got out and went to grab his wheelchair in order to help Misner. That's when, he said, several people got out of their cars and ran over to help on the busy highway.

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Misner told us she jumped out of the car, despite not having her wheelchair. She said the people who came to help, helped her get into her wheelchair and away from the vehicle.

Todd Barstow is one of the people that rushed over. He is a retired firefighter and paramedic and knew he needed to be there.

"I never had a hesitation, I knew I had to stop as soon as I saw it," Barstow said.

He, along with the others, got the two safely away from the car and immediately started grabbing their items. They were only able to grab a few items before they heard an explosion.

Dotson said he lost his computer, his iPad, all of his medicine and most of his clothes. They were able to get Misner's medicine out of the car.

Both of them told us they are at a loss for words with how lucky and grateful they feel to be alive and know people cared about them.

"I had a lady that came and helped me cause where I had to crawl on my stumps this one got cut out and she wrapped it for me till the EMT got there," Misner said.

We asked the Ohio State Highway Patrol if they see this often, people risking their own lives to help others. We're told they do see it often but they want to remind people to still follow traffic laws.

We're told people need to make sure they are parked and stay far away from the road and be alert the whole time. If people want to get out and help, they need to make sure they are not making the scene more dangerous.