'Glitter pizza' back by popular demand in California


Sparkling rainbow pizza is bringing a touch of bling to the menu at a pizzeria in the California beach town of Santa Monica, west of Los Angeles.

The pizza, named 'Magical AF,' combines a margarita pie with brightly colored edible glitter, which the restaurant terms 'unicorn puke.'

Dagwoods Pizzeria started making the glitter pizza as a limited edition menu item last year, general manager Mark Peters says, but high demand from eager customers spotting it on the restaurant's social media sites forced them to bring it back. And Peters says its popularity has ensured it's not going anywhere.

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"I've noticed everyone from kids who are, like, 2 years old losing their minds over it to people that are in their 70s ordering these pizzas," Peters said.

Peters says the restaurant has come up with a few 'themed' pizzas in the past, like a green pizza for St. Patricks Day and a marijuana leaf pizza for 4/20, the day of celebration for pot fans. But the rainbow glitter pizza is unique, he says.

"Nobody's seen a glitter pizza, so it's been really fun for everybody."