Girls join Cub Scouts at Camp Lazarus in Delaware County


DELAWARE COUNTY, Ohio - BB guns. Archery. Swimming. These are all staples at Camp Lazarus in Delaware County. But this year there's something different: girls.

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced that girls are welcome to join its ranks, including the Cub Scouts. Many of the girls attending day camp took an interest in scouting because their brothers were doing it. "I went to his meetings, den meetings, and pack meetings, and I was just a tag-along sister," says eight-year-old Sydney. "I noticed it was actually really fun to do it. So, when my mom asked me if I wanted to be a Cub Scout, I was like 'yes!'"

Ten-year-old Allyson says she's looking forward to shooting BB guns, archery and catching bugs, while seven-year-old Trinity says "I wanted to come to camp 'cause I heard they were going to have a pool, and there would be cooking."

"Wolf 'ems" are a Cub Scout favorite and something every scout learns to make. "You put crescent dough over a stick, and then you cook it on the fire," explains nine-year-old Emma. "When it's crisp and brown, you can put apple filling, apple pie filling, chocolate pudding or vanilla pudding on top."

Some of the girls say they're looking forward to becoming Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts of America organization plans to change its Boy Scouts program name to the more inclusive "Scouts BSA" next February.

Watch the video to see the girls in action at Camp Lazarus. If your child is interested in joining the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts, click here for more information.

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