Giant Slide, Sky Glider and some kid rides reopen at Ohio State Fair


The children's area attractions and some other Ohio State Fair rides have reopened while inspections of other rides continue after a deadly accident this week.

Agriculture Department spokesman Mark Bruce said Friday the fair's Kiddieland and other "low-impact" rides, including the giant slide, have been re-inspected and cleared to resume operations.

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Gov. John Kasich shut down all the rides and ordered them inspected again in the aftermath of a Wednesday night ride malfunction that killed one man and injured seven other people.

Bruce said 28 rides are expected to begin running again Friday afternoon. That's fewer than half of the rides at the state fair, which opened Wednesday.

The Dutch manufacturer of the Fire Ball ride that malfunctioned has told operators of the same attraction and other fairs and festivals to halt its use while investigation continues.

Inspectors have been working around the clock to recheck each and every ride and investigators are hoping to find some clues into the tragic accident. Today, they could be seen from high above going from ride to ride. Over 70 rides are being re-inspected to make sure they’re safe.

The “Fire Ball” is not only being inspected, but investigated. It's the ride that broke apart Wednesday night killing 18-year-old Tyler Jarrell and injuring seven others. Investigators hope to find some clues into why it malfunctioned.

There also is concern today from vendors at the fair, some tell 10TV that they can feel a smaller crowd ever since the accident occurred on opening day and they fear they could take a financial hit because of it. They also say they understand why the rides are shut down -- all in the name of safety.