Genoa Township Residents Warned Of High Fire Risk In Homes


Genoa Township fire officials are warning residents their house may be highly susceptible to a fire during an electrical storm.

Officials sent a release to all residents that said homes built after the mid-1990s are the main ones at risk.

Officials said the Genoa Township Fire Department has responded to multiple house fires caused by a failure of its natural gas piping due to lightning.

The faulty pipe is called Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing and has been installed in homes since the mid-1990s.

Officials said CSST is very thin, which makes it susceptible to failure from a lightning strike.

In 2006, new CSST installations were required to be electrically bonded and grounded, which reduces the likelihood of a failure, but previous installations were not fixed.

CSST can be identified by a bright yellow or black protective jacket and is run either in the basement or attic to all gas-operated appliances.

Officials recommend any installation that is not bonded and grounded be fixed by an electrician immediately.

Anyone with questions is asked to call Fire Marshal Craig Skeel at 614-568-2040.

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