Gas stations often cited for not checking ID of minors trying to buy vape products

A cashier makes a transaction for a vape product. (WBNS)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — According to citations issued by the Food and Drug Administration over the past two years, gas stations that sold vape products like Juul pods were cited overwhelmingly for selling to minors.

When confronted about whether he trains his employees to check ID, the gas station manager started to walk away from 10TV camera as we attempted to get an answer.

"They're all trained, buddy. They got signs everywhere," he said.

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When asked if he could explain why the ID wasn't checked, he said, "That's on her."

The investigation didn't stop here.

Six stores in Columbus also received FDA civil orders for selling to minors without checking ID.

Those stores are TruNorth gas station on Polaris Parkway, Spartans Market on Lindora Drive, Briggs Market on Briggs Road, Walgreens on Demorest Road, Tobacco Outlet on West Broad Street and Meijer On East Broad Street.

10TV wanted to see if anyone was still selling to minors — it turns out no one would sell without first checking our buyer's ID, including the owner of Tobacco Outlet on West Broad Street.

10TV asked him why he felt it was important to check ID.

"It's the law and from this side of the perspective, it's not worth the risk to make that small of a sale," said Owner Syed Zaid,

He told 10TV he contested his FDA citation two years ago and won after he proved he did check ID when investigators came to his shop in 2017.

For those who are caught selling tobacco or vaping products to a minor, a first offense is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree and could be punishable with a maximum of 30 days in jail and a fine of $2,000.

You can search the FDA database to see which stores in your area were cited here.