Gahanna woman bakes goods for hospital workers to say thanks during COVID-19

Diana Robertson has donated dozens of cookies and muffins to hospital workers. (Photo: Diana Robertson)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Words written on a piece of cardboard read: "Good morning. Please enjoy these cookies. They were baked with love, care and attention. Your hard work and dedication to our community is appreciated."

"These professionals, I mean, they're going out every day putting their lives on the line," Diana Robertson said.

Robertson says it started with an ending.

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When family-friend Nancy Sheley passed away in early March, Robertson says Sheley's family was going to have a memorial celebration. For that, knowing Sheley was a fan and supporter of The Ohio State University, Robertson baked a box of OSU-themed cookies.

Robertson, middle, was a family-friend of Nancy Sheley, 89, who passed away in March (Robertson)

"And then, sure enough, they decided to cancel the memorial," Robertson said. "And, I popped these cookies in my freezer, not knowing what to do with them."

COVID-19 kept the celebration of life from happening and kept her cookies in the freezer. And, then, it just made sense.

"I want them to go somewhere that people really need a treat," she said. "Not just around the neighborhood where we're all at home eating cookies, anyway."

Robertson's friend and neighbor works in the NICU at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. She agreed to take those cookies to medical professionals still working.

"Her shift started at 7 a.m. and she sent me a photo of the mostly empty box at about 7:45 a.m.," Robertson laughed.

Robertson donated her OSU-themed cookies to the OSU Wexner Medical Center (Robertson)

A moment of loss now turning into a mindset of gains.

"I hope, for me, it helps keep me grounded and sending love and gratitude out," Robertson said.

"Thank you for your love, care and attention to your patients and each other. Thank you for your time and energy and willingness to serve always."

Robertson writes messages of appreciation and encouragement with each delivery of baked goods (Robertson)

The caring on cardboard spelled out. Robertson has now donated a couple dozen cookies and a few dozen muffins to the Wexner Medical Center. A "Thank You" that first responders can taste during a bitter time.

"You know, how can we turn that around — how can we change that to give up part of ourselves to the people that are going out into the world," Robertson said.

Robertson is now looking to get baked goods into other local hospitals.

"For me that will still maybe only be a thousand cookies over the time, but a thousand love letters sent out, I suppose," she said.

Each box sent with a message from the heart and signed with gratitude. Robertson says it's what Sheley was all about.

"I think she would love it," she said. "I know that she loves it."

Robertson can be reached by email at

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