Gahanna High School students study impeachment process as trial beigns

Gahanna High School Students Learn Impeachment Trial Details

Inside teacher John Snoad's government class students are being questioned about the most important political story of the day.

Gahanna High school seniors watched the live proceedings of the first impeachment trail of their young lives on Tuesday.

The class requires them to not only examine how the political process works, but forces them to challenge their political beliefs, accept an opposing viewpoint and come to their own conclusions of whether the 45th President committed a crime.

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"Going through this impeachment trial we are really getting a good look at what politics are," senior Travis Whittaker said.

"It kind of makes me appreciate what we have here because maybe in other places it wouldn't be this through and it would be really more bias towards the president,” Emma Oder said.

Students we talked to believe no matter the outcome of the impeachment trial, they believe the current political system isn't working.

"I think there needs to be a lot of improvement there's so much fighting between the two of them it seems like we're going backward," Whittacker said.

"It's very much like watching kindergartens fighting that's the feeling that I'm getting from it they really do need to know how to play nice together," Oder said.