Gahanna family wants more done after death of two dogs


GAHANNA, Ohio - The Franklin County Animal Shelter is asking a judge to label three Gahanna pit bulls as dangerous following an attack that killed two dogs.

Lisa Brosnahan of Gahanna said she is still trying to process the death of her two shelties, in their own home.

“We had a problem with the pit bulls next door,” Brosnahan said.

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Brosnahan said on several occasions the neighbor’s the pit bulls found their way into her yard.

“They had broken in the fence three other times. This was the fourth.”

Brosnahan said her security system alerted the family to an entry and exit.

She said she believes the dogs entered her home through an unlocked back door with a lever handle.

According to a report released by Gahanna police, “Blood, mud and fur were spread against the kitchen, living room, hallway and upstairs bathroom walls and floors.”

“One dog was still alive. He was here suffering for about three hours until somebody came home.”

That dog was eventually put down by a vet.

The Director of the Franklin County Dog Shelter said they are working with the Gahanna Division of Police to label three of the neighbor’s pit bulls as dangerous.

The designation would require the owners to secure the gate with a lock and post a “dangerous dog” sign on the property.

“Everybody has been so caring. Neighbors have sent cards. They’ve sent gifts, flowers. I mean people are really just showing their support.”

Lisa says she does not believe the designation is enough but is thankful for the support of her neighbors during their difficult time.