Frigid weather puts local airport workers to the test


Despite subzero temperatures hitting central Ohio, employees working outside at the Columbus John Glenn International Airport are braving the cold to keep everything moving.

"You can only stay out for so long", says Torin Jones, a skycap at the airport. "Your fingers your feet just can't stay warm."

Robert Williams works alongside him. He's a veteran of the deep freeze having worked as a skycap for 32 years.

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"You just layer I probably got five layers underneath long underwear and a couple pairs of socks," he says.

Williams isn't alone. Men and women are also braving the frigid tarmac, loading and unloading bags and fueling planes.

The baggage handlers say while they can't always feel their fingers, a nice tip in their gloves goes a long way, but not everyone thinks to do it.

"(Are you looking forward to summer?) Yes, I am," Williams says.