Friends Remember Woman Who Died After Being Struck By Pet Llama


Friends and patients remembered a family doctor known for her generosity.

Florence Lenahan, 74, was hospitalized after dispatchers received a call from her friend saying that she was run over by her pet llama, Baby Doll.

Lenahan suffered arm and head injuries in the incident, which occurred in the 2000 block of Lewis Center road. Officials from Riverside Methodist Hospital said that Lenahen died Tuesday evening.

According to a family friend, the woman went out to see Baby Doll, who ran toward her and slipped, knocking Lenahan's head onto the ground.

Lenahan had many animals, but she raised and cared for Baby Doll like it was her child.

Lenahan was the former Delaware County Coroner. She served from 1986 until 1992. She also ran a small medical practice in north Columbus, where patients said she knew each one of them by name.

"Everybody knew each other," patient Jennifer Blythe said. "There were people in the waiting room that you knew from the time before."

Those who knew Lenahan knew her passion was helping animals. Her Lewis Center property is covered with horses and llamas. Baby Doll always had a special place in her heart.

"Florence took it into her house, bottle fed it, raised it, basically saved its life," said friend Kevin Scott. "That little llama went with Florence everywhere."

Lenahan was fatally injured when Baby Doll slipped in wet grass while running to meet her.

Scott said that he found Lenahan shortly after the collision.

"When I got to Florence, she was still conscious, and I asked her, I said, 'Florence, what happened?' And she said, 'Baby Doll ran into me,'" Scott said.

Friends said that Lenahan's legacy would live on through the animals she helped.

"The only thing I can do and really want to concentrate on right now is finding those animals a good home," Scott said.

Delaware County Humane Society representatives hope to have the cats and dogs up for adoption by next week. They also hope to find new homes for the horses, cows and llamas, including the llama that accidentally collided with Lenahan.

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