Free Credit Card Protectors To Prevent Thieves From Lifting Your Number


Police are seeing a trend that targets your credit card.

Thieves can lift your number just by standing next to you.

In less than five seconds, a thief can use his cell phone to get your card number, even if it is tucked away in your pocket.

"That's all that is really needed for someone to then either transfer that information to a new card, which they can then swipe," says Hilliard Police Chief Robert Fisher. "It's so prevalent today; technology has made it very difficult for us to keep data safe."

The technology is called RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification.

It is easy to spot the symbol to see if your credit card uses it. Almost all do.

While RFID readers, similar to what retailers use in stores, are easy to buy, criminals today can just download an APP for free!

The APP works just the same as the machines-- reading credit card numbers just as easy.

Chief Fisher says all thieves have to do is get close to you. "But we have a few simple devices that will block your card from being read through some type of proximity scanner."

One of those items is a special RFID Blocking Card Protector. It is simply a sleeve for your credit card with a special foil.

Retailers are now selling RFID blocking merchandise; from wallets, to purses, to luggage, and even passport cases.

Hilliard Police just bought hundreds of these metal cases with RFID protection features. Each case can hold several credit cards, as well as cash.

Another thing you can do right now is check your phone settings.

Look for the letters NFC - which stands for New Field Communication.

You can actually turn off the radio frequency, so thieves using an APP cannot transmit and read your data.

"There's new tech coming in Europe that has helped decrease credit card fraud. They call it chip tech, or EMV technology. It is a self-imposed standard by credit card companies where they require double authentication to do a credit card transactions," Fisher says.

"When that is used at a point of sale, the purchaser also has to enter a pin code. This technology has actually reduced substantially the amount of credit card fraud in Europe. The self-regulators, the big credit card companies have set a goal date of October for that to be implemented here in the United States," Fisher says.

Hilliard Police caution people to not test these card reader apps at home. You never know if those servers are safe or secure.

To better protect you, Hilliard Police are giving out 500 sleeve protectors and cases for free.

You can pick up your free sleeve and case protector here:
(first come first serve until supplies run out)
Hilliard Division of Police
5171 Northwest Parkway
Hilliard, OH 43026

You can also call Hilliard Police at 614.876.7321.

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