Free central Ohio swim classes teach children survival skills in the water

10TV Photographer Carl Todhunter

POWELL -- While most children learning pool safety from Aqua Tots GM and Instructor Catharine Boyle are in the pool, she has teamed up with a central Ohio author to teach children survival strategies on dry land.

These are free classes that teach children what to do in an emergency in the water.

"One of the first things we tell kids and remind parents is supervision. Kids should never be alone near water. They should always have an adult with them," said Boyle.

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Boyle described the top 3 things parents should talk with children about today, ahead of pool season:

-Vow to always have adult supervision around pools.
-Teach any child to roll onto their back if they slip and call for help.
-Instruct children on basic breath control in water.

"Knowing what you can do as a parent to protect your child is really important," said local mom and author of "Beckett Beaver Learns About Pool Safety" Lauren Kelley. She helps instruct kids in community classes on the basic maneuvers that could help a fall victim survive until help arrives. She also reads her book to children. "We offer this book that is on their level. It was written for the toddler-aged group because it is the group most at risk."

There are education books that are meant to help parents talk with children about swim safety.

The CDC recommends a fence, rules for children to wear life jackets and other safety measures.

Aqua Tots instructors said their swim lessons are available for children 4 months and up. To learn more about their most frequently asked questions, just visit their website.