Franklin County residents now have access to free golf


COLUMBUS - Golf can be both time-consuming and expensive but the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks are working to change that for Franklin County residents.

This month the Metro Parks updated their costs, now allowing all Franklin County residents to have free access to the 3-hole practice course and 9-hole learning course at Blacklick Woods Golf Course.

Carts, food and the 18-hole championship course will still cost residents but Metro Parks executive director, Tim Moloney tells 10TV they want more people to have the opportunity to take a swing at the sport.

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“We think what we're doing here is pretty revolutionary,” Moloney said. “We know of only one other course in the United States that doesn't charge greens fees, and really, for a parks system like Metro Parks, what better way to pay back the Franklin County residents for what they do for each and every day? This is their course. They should be able to come out and play when they want.”

The change benefits people like Myles Shriver and his son André, who come to the practice course nearly every day.

“This place is already special, being a park,” Shriver said. “You’ve got the access to the animals, the wildlife. There’s no course like this anywhere.”

The opportunity not only helps the Shrivers work on their golf game, but it also helps build their father-son relationship.

“It’s also been a way for me to really make a connection with my son and spend some real quality time with him instead of just at home watching TV, which is what we would be doing,” Shriver said.

Aside from the updated costs, unlike most golf courses, Blacklick Woods is also a certified cooperative sanctuary by Audubon International, meaning the golf course safely coexists with the wildlife habitats around it.

“It’s a park first and foremost and the fact that they’re giving back to the community in that way speaks volumes about the people that run this place,” Shriver said

Check out the courses here.