Franklin County getting set for first snowfall


COLUMBUS -- There is no doubt about it; snow, sleet and ice will impede your travel this winter. The Ohio Department of Transportation wants to make sure they're prepared now for the first winter snowfall.

"We are going through our final equipment check of 150 trucks," said Mitch Blackford, ODOT Deputy Director.

Last year, ODOT spent 1.6 million dollars keeping the roadways safe.

"The last two winters have been light so we still have a lot of salt," Blackford said.

Despite a light winter, ODOT still used almost 11 tons of salt last year.

"To prepare, we monitor the weather so we know how to treat the roads. If it’s rain or freezing rain, the brine treatment doesn't work the greatest," Blackford said.

"When you're driving in freezing rain you really have to take your time and prepare yourself, because it's extremely dangerous for you and the ODOT drivers," ODOT driver Prother Cole said.

Franklin County snow statistics by the numbers:

  • 56 snow plows
  • 62 drivers
  • 6 mechanics
  • 10,920 tons of salt used last winter
  • 1.6 million total cost last year
  • 154,272 miles driven removing snow and ice last winter
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