Timeline: Franklin County Dog Shelter distemper outbreak


The Franklin County Dog Shelter has euthanized 84 dogs as a result of the respiratory disease outbreak.

The new total was released at a press conference Thursday.

The shelter also announced that three of those dogs did test positive for distemper.

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Franklin County Dog Shelter Distemper Outbreak Timeline

Aug. 9 Dog Maya arrives at the shelter, receives medical and behavioral evaluation, including distemper vaccine.

Aug. 17 Maya is adopted

Aug. 17 Dog Sally enters the shelter

Aug. 18 Maya is returned because she wasn’t a good fit with the adoptive family

Aug. 19 Maya is adopted again

Aug. 21 Adoptive family contacted the shelter-dog exhibiting respiratory symptoms, shelter vets prescribe medicine to treat Kennel Cough

Aug. 23 Dog Harlow enters the shelter as a dropped off stray

Aug. 28 Sally is adopted

Aug. 29 Maya brought to the shelter for exam, additional medicine prescribed

Aug. 30 Sally brought back to the shelter for exam, diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection

Aug. 31 Maya displaying signs of neurological symptoms, is humanely euthanized at the shelter, samples sent for testing

Sept. 3 Harlow is adopted (prior to the shelter receiving the results of Maya’s distemper tests)

Sept. 3 Test results for Maya positive for distemper

Sept. 4-8 Shelter staff increase screening for respiratory infection at the shelter, 2 more dogs tested for distemper

Sept. 8 Shelter staff begin consulting with OSU College of Vet Medicine, Capital Area Humane Society and Columbus Public Health, announcement made to the public

Sept. 10 Harlow examined by shelter vets and diagnosed with symptoms consistent with distemper. Harlow is euthanized and samples are sent for testing.

Sept. 9-11 Shelter closed, evaluation of all dogs begun, infectious disease protocol begin

Sept. 11 Sally seen at the shelter again, samples sent for testing

Sept. 14 Positive test results received for Sally. Sally humanely euthanized at shelter

Sept. 14 Preliminary tests show that Harlow was infected with distemper

Sept. 14 Harlow is examined by shelter vets and diagnosed with symptoms consistent with distemper.

On Sept. 15 The Franklin County Commissioners Public Affairs office issued a statement about the temporary restraining order issued against the shelter

As of now, September 15, 2016, the Franklin County Animal Shelter has acknowledged receipt of the interim temporary restraining order.

If the plaintiffs post the required bond, the shelter will abide by the order.

Regardless, the shelter does not now intend to euthanize any dogs this evening in relation to the current respiratory disease outbreak.

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