Former medical director questions ethics after trustee allegedly stopped EMS protocol


COLUMBUS, Ohio - "That is reckless," Dr. Warren Yamarick said. "That is irresponsible and that is dangerous for patient care."

Liberty Township's former Medical Director, Dr. Warren Yamarick, says what Trustee Melanie Leneghan allegedly did directly affects a patient's care.

Last year, Yamarick helped establish the protocol for Genoa, Harlem, Orange and Liberty townships and Delaware City, or the GHOLD protocol. Under his medical license, Yamarick trained EMS in November of 2018 for this new protocol and it was supposed to take effect Dec. 1, 2018.

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But, at Tuesday's meeting, almost two months later, it came out the township is not utilizing that agreed upon protocol.

"So, the GHOLD protocol should be in place," Trustee Shyra Eichhorn said talking to Liberty Township Fire Chief Tom O'Brien. "Is the GHOLD protocol in place?"

"Not at this time," O'Brien said.

O'Brien says he was told by Leneghan not to implement the new protocol in Liberty Township.

At the meeting, Leneghan can be heard saying "I've never heard of the GHOLD."

Eichhorn asked O'Brien specifically if he was given direction not to implement the GHOLD protocol.

"During our discussion [with Leneghan], I said we're getting ready to implement a new protocol and I was said we shouldn't - to hold up on that."

Talking with an attorney, 10TV has learned it's a gray area on if that can be done. But, at the very least, the attorney says it's considered highly unethical and could have violated sunshine laws.

Leneghan told 10TV, Wednesday, she doesn't know why Chief O'Brien would say that and that she had never heard of a GHOLD protocol. However, an email obtained by 10TV from Feb. 28, 2018 was sent from the Liberty Township Fire Department to all Liberty Township trustees that says they are working to complete and finalize the GHOLD protocol.

Yamarick says systems operating under different protocols can be confusing for first responders and dangerous for patients.

"They are concerned that their protocol now...they're confused," he said. "What protocol do you go on?"

Dr. Yamarick had served as the medical director for Liberty Township for almost 30 years. The new medical director, Dr. Ashish Panchal with the Wexner Medical Center, takes over Feb. 1.