Former Charter School Director Charged With Theft Appears In Court


He's accused of stealing thousands of dollars in charter school money from taxpayers, and 10TV reported on Tuesday that he's also charged with breaking into a Columbus family's home.

Andre Rasheen Tucker was already charged with felony theft, accused of stealing thousands of dollars intended for education when a Columbus mother says she found him in her home.

On Wednesday, Tucker appeared in court on that burglary charge from January 19th.

Last year, he was charged with theft, accused of pocketing checks totaling some $7,500.

The money was to go to two charter schools he opened - the Talented Tenth Academies that were housed in the King Arts Complex in East Columbus.

The state closed both schools two months after they opened in the fall of 2013.

Tucker has pleaded not guilty in both cases.

The Ohio Department of Education says as a result of the mess with Tucker's schools, as well as the premature closure of other charter schools, it now more closely reviews the people and finances of charter school sponsors and staff.

Because of those changes, the state says so far this school year, there have not been any premature charter school closures.

Gov. Kasich is also calling for increased regulation over charter school sponsors as part of his budget plan.
The Ohio Department of Education says the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center, the sponsor of Tucker’s schools, is currently not allowed to sponsor any new charter schools.