Former Central Ohio Man Accused Of Kidnapping Wife In 2005 Back Behind Bars In Virginia


A former central Ohio man charged with kidnapping his estranged wife nearly ten years ago is back behind bars.

10TV followed the search for Wesley Hadsell back in 2005 after his wife's disappearance. Delaware County authorities had said Hadsell kidnapped his wife, Michelle, on the same day a grand jury indicted him on charges that he attacked her. Illinois state troopers found the couple almost two weeks later.

Hadsell was arrested and sentenced to 54 months in prison for a Virginia bank robbery that happened during the time the couple was missing.

Now, he is back in jail at the same time his step daughter is missing.

Norfolk Virginia police arrested Wesley Hadsell on Saturday as police were searching for his 18-year-old daughter, Anjelica. She has been missing since March 2nd.

Hadsell is facing six unrelated felony charges, including breaking and entering. He told a Virginia news station he broke into the home of a person he believes kidnapped Anjelica.

Hadsell's sister, Wendy Hadsell-Stokes, is urging people not to pass judgment on her brother.  "Crucify after the fact, but stay focused on what is the most important thing here which is a beautiful 18-year-old girl that we need to find,” she told WTKR in Virginia.

Hadsell has not been charged in connection with his daughter's disappearance. However, he's no stranger to missing person's cases.

In addition to being accused of kidnapping his wife in 2005, North Carolina court documents from 1998 reveal Hadsell was convicted of running away with his 15-year-old girlfriend when he was 19.

Hadsell-Stokes says everyone has a past. She claims Hadsell hasn't done anything wrong to his daughter.  “I want to believe he hasn`t,” she said. “He`s my brother. I`ve known my brother all of his life. I`ve never known him to hurt anyone."

If you have any information regarding AJ Hadsell’s whereabouts, call Norfolk Police at (757) 664-7026.