Florida dad's plea to 'fix' changing table problem in men’s restrooms goes viral


Changing tables in women’s restrooms are common, but what about men’s restrooms?

An Instagram photo of a man squatting on the floor of a restaurant bathroom to change his baby’s diaper has gone viral.

Donte Palmer says it was one of his other children who snapped that now-viral photo and he never expected it to get the attention it has.

Now, he's hoping to use that attention to create some positive change.

"Fathers, we aren’t highlighted like we should be. And I just want to bring that view and that light to us fathers, because we do matter, and we do exist, and we are willing to do more than just provide and protect,” he said.

Palmer said the broader issue is about fathers being treated as equals to mothers and sharing the responsibilities when it comes to parenting.

He, and others like him, are starting a movement they call ‘squat for change.’ They’re hoping it brings attention to what he says is a big need for changing tables in men’s restrooms.

Palmer said it’s a worthwhile cause that deserves the attention it’s now getting.

"Regardless of race, regardless of size, or regardless of financial status, you know, we are fathers at the end of the day and we will do anything to protect and to nurture our babies,” he said.