Flipped semi closes ramp from I-70 EB to I-270 NB on the west side several hours


COLUMBUS -- A flipped semi and hazardous materials spill has closed the ramp from Interstate 70 eastbound to Interstate 270 northbound on the west side.

According to Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin, a hazmat crew was called to the scene due to the spill.

The Ohio Department of Transportation said the duration of the closure is unknown but it will last for several hours.

"Hazardous materials crews have determined there is a small leak from what would be the top of the tank. The small leak poses a minor problem but to remove a hatch to see if it could be sealed, may exacerbate the issue," Martin said.

A professional hazmat cleanup crew named Clean Harbor, is en route from Cincinnati. Members of the cleanup crew will work with members of the Ohio EPA and Columbus Division of Fire to determine if the tanker can't be up-righted while full, or if it needs to be offloaded before rolling back on its wheels.

The content of the tank is a chemical called vinylpyridine. This is a chemical that is used in the production of tires. Do you understand it was on its way to a point to be shipped overseas. The material is refrigerated and there is approximately 4,200 gallons on board.

The ramp was reopened early Wednesday morning in time for the morning commute.

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