Flames From Gas Explosion Called Worst Firefighter Had Seen


Wednesday's early morning gas explosion shook communities in Morgan and Athens Counties.

The inferno caused by the explosion was more than seasoned firefighters had seen.

"When we got on the scene, it was one of the loudest roars you ever wanted to hear in your life," George Pallo of the Jacksonville Fire Department said. "It was a roar I've never heard."

Pallo said he did not know what to expect when he approached the scene.

"I've done this for 40 years and I've never heard or seen anything like this," Pallo said. "This many flames blowing in all directions, thousands of feet in the air in both directions, and the noise. It was a scary thought what we was gonna have to come into."

Donna Wolfe was a thousand feet away when she heard the blast and felt the rumble.

"My house started shaking really bad so I looked outside and the sky was all yellows and pinks," Wolfe said. "I went to my back door and looked out my slider and I seen flames roaring up into the sky."

The flames devoured homes and scorched acres of land.

"It's tremendous, it's tremendous. It just looks like a bomb went off," Wolfe said. "The ground's just cleared. There's nothing, this used to be beautiful farmland. Now there's nothing, nothing there."

Three homes were destroyed in the fire, only two of those were occupied.

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