Fixari dental gives free dental care


It was a busy Friday at Fixari Dental Office on Kimberly Parkway in East Columbus.

They were drilling, cleaning and fixing fillings. All for free.

It was a big help for people like Sandra Murphy, who does not have dental insurance.

"Because it's expensive. A lot of people can't afford it," Murphy explained.

Doctor Mark Fixari says that's why they participate in the Dentistry from the Heart program every year.

They donated their time and services to make people healthier.

Doctors started working on patients at 7 a.m. and will keep working until 4 p.m.

"You can't have good physical health without oral health. So there are a lot of folks who can't afford or don't have access to care. This is our part, to give back," Fixari said.

To help hundreds of people, Fixari brought in tools, equipment and doctors from other offices. Their goal was to put smiles on as many people as possible.

"No one told us the coolest day we practice is the day we give it away. And it's an incredible day," Fixari said.

It was incredible for Sandra and others who could use the money they would have spent on something else.

"I cold use it on bills, food, eating out or put something in my church," Sandra said.

Fixari Dental has helped hundreds of people through this program.

They have donated more than 60 thousand dollars in free dental work to Central Ohioans in need.