Fish Similar To Piranha Found In Buckeye Lake


A man reeled in what he thought was a piranha earlier this week while fishing at a lake in central Ohio.

Michael Cline caught a fish with pronounced teeth. After experts from the Ohio Division of Wildlife looked at the fish, they found it was a cousin of the piranha, called a pacu.

"They're not really that aggressive," said Marty Lundquist of the Ohio Division of Wildlife. "They're only aggressive when they haven't eaten food for quite some time and with the amount of crayfish we have in our reservoir, that's not a problem.  They have plenty to eat in there"

Lundquist believes someone may have released the fish into Buckeye Lake. It is illegal to place the type of fish into public waterways, 10TV reported.

He said it is somewhat common to hear about pacus living in Ohio waterways. However, they cannot survive the cold temperatures.

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