Finding love at your Metro Parks


It's almost Valentine's Day and a free date could be a visit at one of the Metro Parks. That's exactly how one couple fell in love.

When it comes to disc golf, no matter the score, Patty and David Estes are all smiles.

About eight years ago at Blendon Woods Metro Park Patty and David started their courtship.

"It was actually our friends that were engaged that invited us to play frisbee golf. I think she just wanted another girl to hang out with since they were friends since forever," Patty explains.

Those friends of theirs didn't realize that invitation would turn into something much more.

Patty and David created many more memories while tossing discs, like the time the two got caught in the rain.

This is also the park that the two got engaged, on the disc golf course where they had that special memory.

"I was super nervous, I wasn't sure how I was going to propose but I had the ring in my pocket," David says.

"It was actually perfect because it was one of our special moments during dating times and it's a beautiful park anyways," Patty says.

Their love for each other and disc golf went far beyond the metro park. They even handed these 200 frisbees at their wedding.

Someone who loves those Frisbees now is their 22-month-old son, Luke.

They're a happy family who visits their special park together.

"It's just nice because you're away from the city, it's just an oasis," Patty says.

They also advise others to visit this hole in one oasis because you never know what you can discover in nature.

"You can definitely fall in love," Patty says.

Both Blendon Woods and Glacier Ridge Metro Parks have an 18-hole disc golf course.

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