Field of Heroes in Westerville honors those who served


Volunteers spent Friday putting the finishing touches for the 11th annual Field of Heroes in Westerville.

The Field of Heroes is a display more than 3,000 American Flags set up across from the Westerville Community Center on Cleveland Avenue.

The event gives the community members an opportunity to honor their personal heroes.

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Organizer Larry Jenkins said he came up with the event to bring the meaning of Memorial Day back.

Currently, he has 300 volunteers who spend the start of the Memorial Day weekend planting flags at strategically marked spots.

The theme for 2019 is “Welcome Home”, honoring those who served the country and the families who remained behind to protect their homes and maintain everyday life for their loved ones.

On Saturday afternoon, the Field of Heroes will feature a theatrical performance by the Westerville Library as well as a free concert Westerville Community Concert Band, followed by a performance of Echo Taps.

The Field of Heroes 5K Run/Walk will be held on Sunday and benefits Marine Corps Family Support Community.

Other weekend events include a Sunday memorial ceremony, closing ceremony on Monday, a flag retirement ceremony led by the Boy Scouts, and the nightly playing of “Taps” at sunset.

You can visit the Field of Heroes 24 hours a day beginning Friday at 5 p.m. through Monday at 1 p.m.

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