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Tino Ramos signs off 10TV News after nearly 30 years

Tino said he's also looking forward to finally seeing the sunset after years of seeing sunrises during his early morning shifts.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — After nearly 30 years, Tino Ramos has signed off for a final time on 10TV News.

Tino became well known for his interactive live shots and incomparable breaking news coverage. He was often first on the scene and brought decades of knowledge to viewers who have come to know and trust his reporting.

Tino started his career in 1986 as an anchor/reporter with WLIO-TV in Lima. During that time, he received several awards for his general assignment reporting.

In 1990, he became a reporter with WNWO-TV in Toledo. Shortly after, he was promoted to news director. At the time, he was the youngest news director in the country within the top 75 markets.

Tino continued to report during his news director stint and won several awards from the Associated Press.

In 1994, Ramos came to WBNS-TV as an anchor/reporter. During his time with 10TV, he received numerous awards from the Associated Press as well as Emmy nominations.

Tino is a graduate of Ohio University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism. He grew up in the northwest Ohio town of Gibsonburg.

Ramos is an avid runner and a family man. He has been married to his wife, Lisa, for over 20 years and they have one son. Tino is excited to have more time with his family and "making them his story."

Tino said he's also looking forward to finally seeing the sunset after years of seeing sunrises during his early morning shifts.

Tino looks back at his time with 10TV

We asked Tino what some of his favorite memories are during his time covering central Ohio news. Here's what he had to say:

What has been your favorite thing about working on television in central Ohio?

My favorite thing about working in central Ohio is meeting all the people along the way. It has been a great pleasure to see and greet people out in the field and on social media. Their support through the years has been absolutely the best!

What one viewer experience will you never forget?

I met and did a story on a man who had his face disfigured by a shotgun blast. He lost his nose. He lost his eye and part of his cheek. I was able to help him seek a consultation with a reconstructive surgeon, and he invited me to do a story with him and be there when the final reveal happened. It was fantastic and so emotional. The gentleman was so appreciative for everything. His tears said it all and his impact on what my job was about stuck with me through the years.

What story will you never forget? Is there one live shot that still sticks with you?

Being able to spend six months covering Sen. John Glenn’s returning to space. I did so many live shots from Johnson Space Center and Cape Canaveral. The best was being able to do a live shot while walking next to the space shuttle while it was being moved to the launch pad. I could literally touch the transporter. That’s how close up I was to the shuttle. It was enormous!

How did you manage to work overnight hours for all those years?

I have been in the business for 38 years and there were only five years when I didn’t have my hands in the mornings. I’ve been doing the mornings for 10TV for the past 20 years. I’ve anchored the 5 a.m. show when it debuted. I anchored the weekend mornings and I’ve reported since then in the mornings. It became a lifestyle and my sleep habits unfortunately conformed. The overnights became a great opportunity to cover breaking news and do more live shots (which are my favorite things to do)… And watching the sunrise every morning was inspirational.

What was your morning routine?

I was a news geek and spent way too much time preparing for each and every day. I usually got up at 10 p.m. and watched the news. Then I would watch 10TV’s 11 p.m. news. After getting ready, I would search through emails and police and fire runs from overnight…not to mention scanner traffic.

Once I got into work (around 12:30 a.m.), I would meet with producers to discuss the best story to cover. I would then spend the next hour or two researching, pulling video and sound and writing my live shots. Then I would meet with editors to discuss the story. From there I would meet with the photog, and we would run on any other breaking news stories until it was live shot time at 4:25 a.m. After the mornings, I would plan for the next day and many times my day wouldn’t end until noon or so.  After a long day I always looked forward to going home to my family and dogs.

What do you look forward to in retirement?

Everyone always says being with family. Now I know what they mean. What we do is not a job… rather a lifestyle. I missed a lot of family time that I’m looking forward to doing again. My son is getting married this year, so it will be great to have a new member to our family. And… I have always been an avid runner and I look forward to bringing that back into my routine again. Oh yes… SLEEP! I can’t wait to see the sunset again.

What is your farewell message to central Ohio?

I just want to thank everyone who watched… said hi… expressed concern for me when I stood in the cold. And those people who were kind enough to bring me coffee on those rough days. It just shows how caring central Ohioans are and I want everyone to know I cared about them too. Even though I’m stepping away from the news biz, I’m not stepping away from central Ohio. I love Columbus and I just hope people still stop to say “hi” when I’m in the store, park or running trail. Thank you, thank you. I can’t say it enough. But most of all I want to thank my wonderful wife Lisa and wonderful son, Nick. They have been my backbone, my support and my rock. I’m looking for to making them my story now!

"Farewell Tino" | Here's what the staff at WBNS had to say about their friend and colleague:

“Thank You My Friend”

It’s a phase Tino has said a thousand times at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning to a homeless person, delivery person, cop, firefighter or refuse driver who said “Hi Tino…I watch you in the morning!”

Tino was always kind, considerate and humble to everyone on the streets he met!!!

I’ve worked on and off with Tino for 28yrs…there will never be another reporter like him in this market!!!

- 10TV photojournalist Tim Flaherty


Hats off to Tino for finally taking time for himself and his family after dedicating so many years to the morning viewers of Central Ohio. Many people don’t realize but Tino’s “day” would sometimes start as early as 12:30 am… with breaking news that would call him out into the cold and darkness. He was a true “news hound” who always took pride in beating the competition or being first on the scene. His reporting style has become legendary and can never be matched. I mean – who else can freeze pants and eggs when it’s 10 degrees below zero?? 😊 Best wishes Tino – enjoy those sunsets now that you can stay up late! Xo 

- Wake Up CBUS anchor Angela An


Tino is the ultimate professional... He was never afraid to get his hands dirty... No one can do a live report like he does... Active on the scene, up close and personal... Congratulations on a job well done and I hope you enjoy the next chapter of your life... You earned it!!!

- 10TV Sports anchor Dom Tiberi


When you talk about legendary morning reporters, Tino’s name rises to the top.

It’s hard enough to be a reporter during the day, but do it in the morning for more than two decades takes dedication, and great contacts.

I will Tino’s reporting during the winter. From the frozen pants, to the active live shots walking and slipping on the ice.

Tino leaves Channel 10 setting a high bar for all the morning reporters to follow.

- 10TV reporter Kevin Landers


Tino started working here a week before I did. He has been an institution on the mornings for a long time. He is the king of the creative and active live shot. One of my favorite memories is when he was out on a suspicious package in front of a business. The package turned out to be a box of donuts. True to Tino’s style, in the hit after the contents of the box was discovered, he was holding a donut.

- 10TV director J.P. Clowes


Tino, thank you for being a light to the newcomers in the newsroom, including myself. Your positive attitude and incredible knowledge of Columbus, as well as your eagerness to lend a hand made a lasting impact on me and so many others. Thank you for all that you have done and all of the lives you have touched!” 

- 10TV reporter Ashley Bornancin


One of my favorite memories of working with Tino…

At least 20 years ago, Tino and I were up in Mount Vernon working on a story. I couldn’t tell you now what it was. It was lunch time and we decided to stop at the Wendy’s on the east side. Our intention was to sit down and eat in the restaurant. We walked in and it was fairly crowded with local townspeople. There was a lively buzz of conversation. As we stood gazing at the menu, awaiting our turn to order, I realized that it had suddenly gotten very quiet. I turned around and every set of eyes was locked on Tino. I could hear people whispering “that’s Tino Ramos” and “that’s that Channel 10 guy!” I looked at Tino and he said “Yes, these are my people.” I then asked if he would like to eat in the car and he replied “yes, please!” 😊 He’s a man of the people!

- 10TV photojournalist Chris Kettler


Tino, congratulations on a much-deserved retirement! We haven’t worked together for long, but it’s been an honor to share the screen with you for a few months on WakeUpCBUS. You knowledge of all things central Ohio is impressive and something I will carry with me throughout my career. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy sleeping in… past midnight!

- 10TV reporter Amy Steigerwald

More farewell messages to Tino to follow...


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