Father thankful for those who tried to help his family after they were struck by vehicle


Mark Ashbrook is grateful. His 4-year-old daughter Elizabeth is home.

Even with a hole in her liver, broken leg and fractured neck, she manages to smile, which helps Mark through this unthinkable time.

“It saved my life, not just hers. The people that rescued and tried to help my daughter and helped Tiffany,” Ashbrook said.

Tiffany Bronson, who was 6 months pregnant with the couple’s third child, was walking across Roberts Road with her two daughters when they were hit by a car. Several people jumped in to help.

Tiffany Bronson and her 6-year-old daughter Emily

“Their courage just to do what they did, we are very grateful because they didn’t just save her, they saved me as well. Without her, I probably wouldn’t make it. It would have taken the whole family,” Ashbrook said.

Six-year-old Emily, who was bright and always happy, died.

“I think Tiffany shielded her and saved her as much as possible,” Ashbrook said.

Doctors performed a c-section, but baby Elivia did not make it.

Tiffany is still in a coma. She has rods holding her leg together, has had blood clots and has pneumonia.

Ashbrook is holding on to hope.

“Tiffany was a very kind, loving, generous person. She would do anything for anyone. She loved her kids like no other,” Ashbrook said.

He is understandably angry about the accident.

“My daughter didn’t deserve any of this, my family doesn’t deserve any of this,” he said.

The driver stayed on the scene and Columbus police are still investigating the crash.

A Facebook group and a GoFundMe page have been set up to support the family.