Fate of Fairview Memorial Park still undecided


A dispute over a Delaware County cemetery continues in the courts. Those who have family buried there, want to know why there's no decision yet.

The owners of Fairview Memorial Park were convicted of defrauding families and put in prison. The cemetery has been in a receivership since.

The receiver says he is trying to sell an adjacent plot of land so those owed money from the cemetery can get something back. But the township trustees filed a motion in court, asking for the cemetery and land to be deeded to them, holding up the sale.

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Those with family members buried in the cemetery say it’s not being maintained and they just want the court case decided.

The receiver says the only money coming into the cemetery is from ongoing burials, about once a month so there is little to work with.

“Here we sit, two years later, still waiting for somebody to take it over, who’s going to take care of it,” said Tim Foor, who has family buried in the cemetery.

The case was back in court Friday, the judge is now writing a decision.

The families are planning a protest for Sunday at the cemetery at 1 p.m.