Farmers forced to delay planting due to wet Winter and heavy rains this Spring


May was the first month since October 2018 that we had below average precipitation and even then we were off by just .01".

The last time central Ohio had a precipitation deficit of .10" or more was in January of last year. All of this rain is making it tough for farmers to get out into the fields so they can get some work done.

The good news is that the weather hasn't hindered farmers efforts to improve weather quality. From no-till farming to only applying fertilizer when necessary they're able to maximize crop yields. But that can only get you so far when you're dealing with mother nature.

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2018 was the wettest year on record and so far this year has started wetter than last. Put all of this together and some farmers are about a month behind where they should be for this year's crop.

Bret Davis is one of those farmers. He runs Davis Farms in Delaware County and says his 3,500-acre farm only has about a third of what it should have planted by now. He planned on planting early in the week but then a half inch of rain hit Saturday night setting him back until at least Wednesday.

He says that right about now four to five days would go a long way. "When you only have four months to gather that sunlight, every day makes a world of difference," says Davis.

He's planting a shorter season corn to make up for his late start. Right now, Davis says he's about two weeks away from feast or famine.

The good news is that he can get a decent yield for the season if we have favorable growing conditions over the summer and if we can get a good dry stretch over the next few weeks.

Seeing that more storms are in the forecast by the end of the week that's still a pretty big "if".

"It depends on what the good Lord gives us. If we have adequate rain and adequate sunlight that's what we'll end up with" Davis said adding that once he gets things planted it should take less than a week for the crops to pup up out of the ground because it's so warm right now.