Fans pack MAPFRE Stadium for Yoga with the Crew night


COLUMBUS – The soccer field at MAPFRE Stadium doubled as one huge yoga mat when OhioHealth hosted “Yoga night with the Crew.”

Dozens of fans came together to get fit and practice their downward dog and warrior pose.

Crew fans like Andy Jacques and his daughters were able to get in some exercise on the field where their favorite team plays, and the girls loved it.

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“I want to make sure they’re active and healthy,” Jacques said. His daughters are avid soccer fans, so taking a yoga class at the stadium was very exciting.

“I really liked it,” Addie Jacques said. “It’s really cool to be out here on the field. I’m really looking forward to meeting the goalkeeper.”

Crew goalie Zack Steffen practiced his yoga moves alongside fans. “I’ve probably done yoga 10times in my life,” he said.

Even though being physically fit is part of the job when you’re a professional athlete, he knows staying fit and healthy takes a commitment and can bring long-lasting rewards.

“Being fit is a lot of work and a lot of focus. The more you focus on that, the longer you’ll live,” he said. “That’s what keeps me interactive in keeping fit outside of soccer.”

So whether it’s yoga, soccer or something else you like to do … commit to be fit and stay active.

“Yoga night with the Crew” was the culmination of a five-part fitness event program sponsored by OhioHealth.