Famous YouTuber visits Ohio State's campus, students wait up to 10 hours for seats

YouTuber David Dobrik speaks to students at Ohio State's campus. (WBNS)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — YouTuber David Dobrik visited Ohio State's campus Thursday, and students showed up in big numbers.

Dobrik's YouTube channel has 15.5 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed by the billions. Fans also say he's been one of the most popular social media influencers in recent years.

"I just think that he's really relatable," Addie Desroches said.

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"It's this ability to be so free and uncaring about any person's opinions besides your own," Shawna Florio said.

Florio says Dobrik is also humble, kind and giving and has given away cars and money to those who need it, including tuition money and Apple products to college students.

Inside Ohio State's Union, Michelle Morera waited outside the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom for 10 hours before doors opened for the 7 p.m. speaking event. To her and to many of the 1,700 students who attended, Dobrik is an inspiration.

"I may not be able to give away a car to somebody, but I think it's really eye-opening watching just what he does with the videos," she said. "A lot of his videos make me cry just because I think it's amazing what he does and it really makes you want to do good, too."

The Ohio Union Activities Board put on the event, which was free to students. A member confirmed to 10TV before his speaking engagement, Dobrik gave an Ohio State student $10,000 for making a half-court shot while playing basketball.