Family Without Water Due To Broken Pipes


A mother suffering from a terminal illness says she's been living with broken water pipes and no water for almost a week.

She says the management at East Worthington Village Apartments on Dublin-Granville Road in North Columbus has not helped her, until she called 10TV.

Patricia Hudson is 23-years-old. She has three kids under the age of five, including a 7-month old baby. What makes it even tougher for her is that she suffers from breast cancer.

"It's just too much, for me, for them, for everybody," she said.  "Everybody's just fed up."

Hudson says her spigots have been dry since late last week.

She says it's hard to explain to her 5-year-old daughter, Kealyonne.

"If we don't have water, we can drink out of water bottles," Kealyonne said.

But now, Patricia says they're down to their last few bottles.

"By the grace of God, we have to do whatever we can to provide for our children," Hudson said. "It's hard."

Patricia says it's been tough living in her apartment for the last week. But the recent weather has provided one blessing for her and her kids: another source of water.

"Dishes are piling up. We have no water to wash them," Patricia says. She's melting snow in buckets to clean them.

She's even using melted snow to flush the toilet.

"We have to do that over and over again to use the bathroom," she said.

Patricia is worried about unsanitary conditions for her kids and herself. She has a compromised immune system as she goes through chemo treatments.

"It's making things very difficult," she added.

She says her pleas to management for another unit with water or a hotel stay have fallen on deaf ears.

"They told me the owner wouldn't do it," she said. "I asked the office about helping me out, but they act like they couldn't do anything."

10TV tried to talk to management Wednesday night. One spokesman told us the complex was working to fix the broken water pipes, which he said was confined to one building.

While 10TV was with Patricia interviewing her, someone showed up at her door with a key to another apartment with water. She now has a place to bathe her children Wednesday night.

"They didn't seem to understand until you guys came in," said Hudson, with a tinge of frustration.

Now, she's just taking the situation one day at a time.

"My attitude it always positive," she said. "I'm not a negative person. We pray about it. I'm going to continue to pray about it."

The management told 10TV workers were getting heaters to thaw the pipes and make repairs.

In the meantime, Patricia says she's leaving her 7-month-old baby with a family friend, for the baby's own health and well-being.