Family Searches For Answers In Woman's Two-Year Disappearance


A family desperately wants answers in the disappearance of a mother who vanished two years ago.

Shaniece Briggs' mother says she last saw her daughter on her birthday. "They had a cookout for me. That was the last time I'd seen her," Melissa Williams said.

It was two days later when Williams said she got the call that Shaniece was gone. "Her boyfriend called and asked 'is Shaniece over there?'" Williams recalled. Williams said Shaniece's boyfriend said her purse was on the kitchen table and her kids were there sleeping.

That conversation led to a search for Briggs, but she has not been found.

"I've aged 20 years since she's been gone," Briggs' grandmother, LaVerne Cunningham, said. "She's my baby, I raised her. In the beginning people spotted her everywhere, but now it's gone dry. Her children miss her so much."

"I just want to know she's someplace and safe, that would give me some kind of closure," Cunningham said.

Anyone with information about Shaniece Briggs should call the Columbus Police Department's Missing Persons Unit at 614-645-4624.