Family of Hocking County woman killed by estranged husband says she was a loving, caring mother

Natalie Nutter

HOCKING COUNTY, Ohio - A woman and her estranged husband are dead after deputies with the Hocking County Sheriff's Office say she was abducted.

It ended off Maysville-Williams Road. It's where deputies found the bodies of Natalie and Kevin Nutter.

It all started about four miles away on Nutter-Boring Road. It's where the sheriff's office says Kevin abducted his estranged wife. Court filings show Natalie filed for a divorce one week ago.

The couple's child left the house at the time of the abduction to tell a relative.

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According to Natalie's uncle, Roger Harris, it was just after midnight when he says Natalie and Kevin's 6-year-old child walked from his house, in his underwear, about 1,000 feet along Nutter-Boring Road to his doorstep when he told him what happened.

According to Harris and the police report, the child said, "mommy had been forced into a vehicle at gunpoint by daddy."

"He comes to her house, grabbed her, put her in a car and took off," Harris told the 911 dispatcher.

Deputies were told Kevin Nutter might have been about four miles away on Maysville-Williams Road. Once there, deputies say they saw a vehicle that matched the description: a red truck.

Law enforcement began to follow it and the truck sped up and began to swerve. Eventually, the truck came to a sliding stop in a driveway.

By the time the deputy was out of his cruiser and approaching the car, they heard a muffled shot that came from the vehicle. The deputy took cover and gave verbal commands for the driver to get out. About 15 seconds later, another shot.

Inside the truck, deputies found Natalie and Kevin Nutter, dead, along with a 20-gauge shotgun and bloody zip ties.

Natalie's family, understandably too distraught to go on camera, want it to be known she was a good person and a loving, caring mother to her child and the backbone to their large family.

In October, court records show Kevin Nutter violated a protection order Natalie Nutter had against him by sending her text messages. As part of his bond, he was not allowed to have any weapons.

In November, he pled guilty to violating a protection order and was sentenced to one year of probation and was ordered to have no contact with Natalie Nutter.