Family: Father Of 5 Shot, Killed Over Money


A central Ohio family said Wednesday that a beloved father of five was shot to death over $5,000.

Jeremy Ridenbaugh and his fiancée were shot inside a home, located along the 1200 block of Republic Avenue on Monday. She survived, Ridenbaugh did not.

"He was a mama's boy, called me every day," said Gail Ridenbaugh.

She described her son as a devoted family man, a father of five biological children and five more by marriage.

"He just loved his children," Gail Ridenbaugh said.

Ridenbaugh and his fiancée, of Steubenville, were in Columbus to purchase holiday gifts for those children.

"They do shop year-round for their kids stuff for Christmas because, you know, money's too tight to try to do it all at one time," Gail Ridenbaugh said.

She said that he planned to pay for the shopping trip with money he had made by selling his motorcycle. Money she believed made him a target.

"I hope, you know, they needed it. But why did they have to do that to him to get it?" Gail Ridenbaugh said. "My son was worth more than $5,000. He was my world."

Along with her own grief, Gail Ridenbaugh was left to help her grandchildren cope.

"I don't know what to tell them. I love them, their daddy loved them, they know that," Gail Ridenbaugh said. "They're angry, they want answers. They want to know why somebody would take away their daddy for money."

Gail Ridenbaugh said that she knows someone somewhere knows who was responsible for the death of her son.

"That's what my kids want. That's what my grandbabies want," She said. "They want these people punished for what they did to their dad. If somebody knows something, they should tell."

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Columbus Division of Police Homicide Squad at 614-645-4730.

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