Family of 2-year-old shooting victim says parents tried to shield child


Stephanie Shaw said her 2-year-old granddaughter Amiyah Bice is always on her mind.

“I think about her every second of every day and the thing that keeps moving forward is only knowing that we have to handle the situation,” she said.

Her son, Julian Bice, and Amaya’s mother, Jessica Stanford, are in hospitals recovering from gunshot injuries initially considered life threatening.

The family was shot inside their southwest Columbus home Tuesday night. Bice’s family says the media isn’t focused on what it should be: a young couple in the hospital, their 2-year-old daughter who died and the search for her killers.

“My brother, his girlfriend and their daughter are victims in this scenario,” Bice’s brother, Jeremy Shaw said.

Home where toddler killed in shooting has long history with police

“Somebody came into my brother’s house, into his castle and tried to harm him and his family and you’re talking about his drug past which is well over years over. He works for a living. He works for everything we do. We all do,” Bice’s brother Jalen Shaw said.

Julian’s family says he didn’t know the two men who burst into his home that night and just started shooting.

“This happened to him. He was in his own home. These people entered his home and did this to his family,” Stephanie Shaw said.

They say the couple crouched down and huddled over little Amiyah to shield her from the gunfire that eventually took her life. A bullet hit Jessica in the face. Julian lost an eye to another.

“I just want to see justice served for the perpetrators who came into my son’s home and made them uncomfortable and caused all this,” Julian’s father, Marcus Shaw, said.

The family says the street where the shooting happened is also where Bice grew up.

They say it was important for Bice to raise his family on the same street.

Norman Robert Blake is in jail facing murder charges. A SWAT team arrested a second suspect, Jaquon Lamont Poindexter, 22, on Thursday. He is also charged with murder.