Families encouraged to get up, move through new challenge


DUBLIN, Ohio — A lot of the best ideas stem from problems people face.

10TV talked with one local mom who says she found a parenting solution to a common struggle and now, she wants to share it.

“I really help with aches, pains and being able to run marathons, do the things that people want to do and chase their goals,” said Dr. Shari Miller, an orthopedic physical therapist who works to strengthen moms out of her Dublin Clinic, Athletity.

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But Miller is a mom herself; a mom who noticed a struggle when it came to playtime in the colder, grayer months.

“We’re just cooped up, especially in February,” she said. “The Christmas toys have lost their luster, everybody is just starting to get more bored but yet, we’re anxious to get moving because we feel spring is coming.”

Her solution is what she calls the Inside 20 Challenge.

“I thought of this challenge first when I was talking to a lot of clients and moms and everyone kept saying over and over, my kids are so energetic, everyone’s bouncing off the walls, like I don’t know what to do and just like running out of ideas,” Miller said.

Here’s how the Inside 20 Challenge works:

For three days, Miller shared activities through her social media following with the hope that parents will use them to break the mold.

The activities are simple by design.

Day 1: Let’s be wild! Move like an animal

Day 2: Let’s exercise

Day 3: Balloon fun

10TV talked with a mother who participated in the Inside 20 Challenge with her own kids.

“It’s kind of spicing me up a little bit to say, ‘Okay, there are things we can be doing other than watching the same Thomas shows again or reading the same books again or whatnot,’” said Jennifer Rigano.

Rigano said the challenge worked the best for her family in the morning.

“Definitely in the morning,” she said. “We were all moving, we were all laughing. It just kind of set the tone for a good day.”

The Inside 20 Challenge is part of what Miller hopes can become a larger community of moms online.

“I’ve honestly done most of these things over winter with my own kids,” Miller said. “And it was like, ‘Hey, I should share what I’m doing.’”

In fact, starting Friday, Feb. 28, Miller will launch “Strong Moms USA,” a Facebook group to embody the community she is hoping to build.

Beginning Monday, March 2, the group will start a “Fuel Yourself” five-day challenge.

For more information on the challenges and Athletity, click the links below: