Fallen Whitehall officer's locker serves as reminder of job's danger


Tuesday is National Peace Officers Memorial Day.

In 2001, Whitehall Officer Terry McDowell was killed while serving a citation to a woman at a home. He was shot through the door by her husband.

Tucked away in the locker room of the Whitehall Police Department, officers still pay tribute to McDowell.

His locker was never cleared out. It was preserved and since has filled up with notes, pictures and mementos.

The locker is directly next to the door officers go through as they start their shift, a reminder to stay vigilant.

“When guys go out to work, we want them walking over, seeing this,” said Deputy Chief Dan Kelso. “That day became very real to us as police officers because he was a very, smart tactical officer, we learned that people are willing to shoot people over a traffic ticket.”

Officer McDowell's wife, Angela, started "Get Behind the Badge," an organization that helps provide financial assistance to families of law enforcement and firefighters who are killed or critically wounded.