Fall Foliage Report: Colors starting to change more in central Ohio

Fall Foliage Report: Colors starting to change more in central Ohio

Typically, this would be the time of the month where we see our peak fall foliage in central Ohio, but due to the lack of rain in September and the warmer than average conditions, we're seeing the beautiful colors a few weeks later.

Recent rain, cool mornings and warm afternoons has been helpful, so we're starting to see some peak colors across the state.

Fall foliage report as of 10/21/2019

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources also has a list of locations and their current foliage status.

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ODNR Fall Foliage Report as of 10/16/19

Despite the recent warm up, temperatures will be around average this weekend and next week. That along with some rain will help these colors pop even more heading into Halloween next week.

Peak Fall Foliage Forecast

For much of central Ohio, peak colors will come towards the end of this month. Areas in the Northeast are already at peak colors and expect peak foliage in the Tri-State area during the first week or so of November.

Stay tuned for the latest fall foliage reports across central. Here are some viewer pictures from across the area that show some beautiful fall foliage in the area.

Brown Park in Bellefontaine(Photo by: Brenda Frasher)

Griggs Reservoir in Franklin County.(Photo by: Brenda Frasher)

Blacklick Metro Park in Franklin County(Photo by:Mark Steven)
ODNR Fall Foliage Report as of 10/16/19

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