Faith leaders organize gathering to discuss Tyre King's death


At the Central Seventh Day Adventist Church on South 18th Street, Paston John Boston the II says the shooting death of 13-year old Tyre King has left a deep wound.

"Anytime a wound like this opens up where there's a loss of life, especially a young person's life, a 13 year old, that is a tragedy. That is a travesty,” he said.

Police say Wednesday evening several people called 911 to report seven or eight people robbed a man at gunpoint near East Broad and South 18th Streets.

Attorneys for family of 13-year-old shot by police want outside investigation

Police say Officer Bryan Mason shot and killed King after the eighth-grader reached into his waistband for a BB gun that police say looks like the weapon officers carry.

Pastor Boston says people are angry, including one woman who told him there's no excuse for King’s death.

"And she said ‘you're not going to change my mind., this was wrong.’ And I said ‘it's not about changing your mind, but it's about dealing with your hurt, and the hurt that's here and the hurt that’s there and these different perspectives and creating a new path forward together,” Paston Boston said.

Police aren't talking about the investigation. It’s not clear whether investigators have identified or charged any other robbery suspects, or whether detectives have located surveillance or cell phone video of the robbery or shooting.

Pastor Boston says he's encouraged that city leaders are willing to meet with the community so soon to try to forge a path towards healing.

"If one person walks away and says you know what I think we're going to get through this then that's a win for me," he said.

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