Fairfield Area Humane Society seizes 11 horses from home in Bloom Township


The Fairfield Area Humane Society says it found horses in a collapsing barn with little water in Bloom Township.

With help from the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office and volunteers from Home of Joy Farm, humane officers seized 11 horses from a home on Monday.

Executive Director of the Fairfield Area Humane Society says horses like “Sir-vivor” are now getting clean food and water and being nursed back to health.

"When you don't have the means to take care of them, you're going to get yourself in trouble,” Cory Schoonover said.

Schoonover says the humane society received a complaint on Friday that a horse wasn’t being taken care of at a home in Bloom Township.

Humane officers discovered more horses were in bad shape. On Monday, crews seized 11 horses total.

"Barn collapsing, three feet of manure in the barn. It was a bad situation,” Schoonover said.

Schoonover says some horses look emaciated and others have bad teeth. He says the animals had no room to roam and barely any fresh water.

"There was a trough that maybe had 10 gallons of mucky water in it and a puddle of muddy runoff water,” Schoonover said.

The 11 were brought to Home of Jay Farm where they are recovering and in quarantine for the next 14 days.

"In my 7 1/2 years we haven't seized horses in this number,” Schoonover said.

Schoonover says the unexpected rescue, means unexpected costs for the humane society.

"The first 2 and a half days of medical costs were over $2,000. So it's not something that you plan for,” Schoonover said.

The agency is turning to the community for help to get these horses healthy again and maybe one day into a new home.

"The vet costs, the feed alone. Anyone that has horses knows how expensive they are,”’ Schoonover said.

Schoonover says he expects formal animal cruelty charges to be filed against the owner of the horses very soon.