Facility gives children with behavioral or mental illness new option for help


Families in Franklin County who have a loved one struggling with behavioral or mental illness may have a new option for help.

The old Heritage of Hannah Neil facility on the south side of Columbus is no longer vacant. It has been renovated and now home to a new treatment facility for children between the ages of 5 and 18.

Executive director Tom Standish said the facility will meet a growing demand for services in Franklin County.

“When we first were looking at the need in January we were finding that it takes upwards of nine months to see a psychiatrist in Franklin County,” he said.

Standish, who came out of retirement to run the new program, said the youth referred present with mental behavioral health issues include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and bipolar disorder.

The not-for-profit is run by specialists from Eastway Behavioral Healthcare based in Dayton.. Eastway has been a mental health provider since 1949.

This summer, 20 children are taking part in a day camp. In the fall, there will be a therapeutic learning environment that is a partnership with The Lumin Academy which will operate as a charter school.

The goal will to help students manage disruptive behaviors that have been interfering with their success in schools, home or the community.

Referrals for the program can be made by social service agencies, schools and parents. There is also a website: www.Eastway.org.