Facebook group assists in effort to find veteran's missing cat

(Courtesy: Ehrin Anderson)

A community is stepping up after a veterans’ emotional support animal went missing in a Pickerington parking lot.

Ehrin Anderson says his emotional support animal Pumpkin isn’t just any cat, he’s a lifeline.

“He’s my way to cope,” Anderson said.

Anderson is now a truck driver and says during a stop in Pickerington on Memorial Day weekend of 2019, his cat escaped and the search for Pumpkin has been going on ever since.

Pumpkin's disappearance has been a blow to Anderson, who battles PTSD.

"I cant think of the negativity or it will overwhelm me," he said. “I have to think he’s out there, somewhere, he’s still alive somewhere. He’s just trying to find me.”

A group of central Ohioians heard Anderson’s story and wanted to help, so they formed the group “Peeps 4 Pumpkin”.

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Since Pumpkin went missing, more than 60 volunteers go on searches, hand out fliers and help bring Pumpkin home. Organziers say they don’t plan to stop the search until the cat is brought home.

There is a $5,000 reward for anyone who locates Pumpkin.

For more information on search to find pumpkin click here.